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Indian Rice: One Of Mostly Served Staple Food

Posted by Admin on July, 30, 2021

The rice crop is one of the most significant crops grown in India. Rice is considered and consumed as the staple food in most parts of our country and not only that by more than half population on the earth. The rice dishes are very much cherished by most of the people on earth and are therefore recommended an important dish in different cuisines.

The Indian rice dishes can be consumed by blending them with several other dishes like pulses and curries. Preparing a rice dish doesn't call for any special expertise or creativity. Plain rice is also loved by many. Generally, various kinds of white rice and brown rice are used to make simple rice dishes. Kesar pulao, jeera rice, lemon rice, matar pulao, khichadi etc are some most demanded rice dishes in India.

The normal boiled rice dish is the simplest preparation of all rich dishes. Hence it can be cooked with different variety of fresh vegetables, peas and peanuts to add colours and flavours. One of the very popular rice dishes consumed in India, from Chinese cuisine is fried rice. Varieties of Indian basmati rice are used for cooking fried rice or Mughlai Biriyani, because of its unique and beautiful aroma.

Types of Indian Rice

Rice is included in the diet of almost every Indian. There are different types of Indian rice which are nutritious and healthy. Following are some types of rice that are consumed on a mundane basis in India.

  • White Rice: This variety of Indian rice provides energy. White rice comes with a high metabolism and hence can be digested at any time of the day. This rice contributes to relieving digestive disorders like dysentery, diarrhoea, colitis etc.
  • Brown Rice: This is the best form of Indian rice that comes with endless benefits. The starch and calorie content is quite low in this rice therefore it helps in staying active and fit. Brown rice also helps in reducing bad cholesterol.
  • Red Rice: Indian red rice maintains the iron count in the body. This rice also helps in regulating insulin and blood sugar. It contains vitamin B6 that help to form red blood cells and serotonin.
  • Sticky Rice: The sticky rice contains copper, which keeps the connective tissue strong. This rice promotes the immune system and healthy brain function.
  • Parboiled Rice: This rice variety is recommended for patients suffering from diabetes. Parboiled rice contains iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Hence it is a good source of these nutrients.
  • Basmati Rice: This rice contains fibre. One cup of basmati rice amounts to 20 per cent more fibre than most other Indian rice varieties. The energy in this rice is released slow but steadily. This results in a balanced energy level.

Trade and Commerce

There are many rice exporters from India, who are engaged in milling the most authentic and best Indian rice. They process these rice grains in an infectious atmosphere to maintain the long and slender shape and store these rice grains carefully. They focus on a proper storage facility with infrastructure, for hygienically storing rice grains in large quantities. Thus these exporters claim timely shipment.

With help of modern state of art machinery and equipment, they provide sealed packages that ensure safety and no pilferage. They provide different packaging sizes ranging from 1 kilogram to 50 kilograms. Since the commodity rice is highly traded beyond national boundaries, this wide range of packaging sizes allows customers to procure Indian rice according to their convenience.

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